Additional Features

Each of these features is crafted to offer you a competitive edge in navigating the landscape.

Notification Tool for New Sign-Ups

  • What It Does: The bot scans for new users signing up on the Friend.Tech platform and notifies channel members immediately.

  • Benefits: Stay ahead of the curve by knowing when new potential influencers join This could offer early investment opportunities or bring fresh perspectives into your analysis.

Filters for Influencer Accounts

  • What It Does: The bot provides the ability to filter notifications of sign-ups based on their Twitter follower count, specifically for accounts with more than 50k and 100k followers.

  • Benefits: With these filters, you can prioritize your attention towards influencers who are likely to have a broader impact on discussions and investment strategies.

Live Wallet Tracking for Selected Traders

  • What It Does: We've curated a list of traders known for their profitable trading of shares. Our bot provides real-time tracking of their wallet activities.

  • Benefits: Keeping an eye on the moves of successful traders can offer you valuable market insights and potentially lucrative investment ideas. This feature turns our Discord channel into a live, dynamic analysis tool that guides you through the maze of investment opportunities.

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